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What We Do?

Our mission is to provide the users the ability to explore car agencies, external garages, painting, car wash, tire shops and more. We provide important details such as phone number, prices list and map. In addition, registered users can add comments and rate the garages they like the most ! MotorsTalk vision is to bring all car agencies and other external garages into one mobile app, so everyone can be able to find anything within few clicks. Our company vision focuses on the potential inherent in the company or service providers in the future.

Free Registration!

Free Registration for Serivce providers and the end-users.!

Mobile friendly

The app is very simple to use as the portal we do provide for service providers. It is avaliable in Android & iOS Platforms.

Well Secured

2-Step authentication for all services accounts! Motors Talk Team guarantee the customers and suppliers that them information well be well secured . We gurrante that it is well secured.

Increase your marketing value

We work hard to assure that you get more customers to your motor shop and services. Your products and services will be seen globally :)

Simple, Elegant and Perfect way to get cars to the next level :)

Our Services

We do serve the car industry in general. Car Agencies, Motor Sales Shops and Car service providers will gain benefit from our app as same as the normal user.

All-In-One Platform

One app contain huge number of information about every details about cars. Designed and developed based on UAE market needs.


Customers & Suppliers

Best solution avaliable in the marketplace! anyone have tendency or faced problem in his car. they can easily find solution with MotorsTalk app.

70k+ Happily Users

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Content Managment System

We provide web portal for Car Agencies, Motor sales shops and service porviders to access them app content and make changes easily.

Content Managment System

We provide web portal for Car Agencies, Motor sales shops and service porviders to access them app content and make changes easily.

Screenshots App

Some screenshots demonstrating MotorsTalk app.

Your Benefits

Car Agencies, Motor Sales shops and car service providers.

Some of your benefits for working with us.


Promote shops

We promote car shops without any cost! more traffic and customers They will gain just by using our service.

Easy to locate

You can route to any shop you look at in the app! You will be able to know what cars support and what type of services he can arrange and fix.

Support All

We covered all the aspects of car shops that would be avaliable in UAE.

In-house Information

It's like dream comes true for all users in the world specially GCC. They can check all car prices, services and shops details within minutes without going to the shop itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that related about the who, what and how to use our services in MotorsTalk world!.

Notice: There are two types of accounts Service Account & User Account

Service Account: This account for Car Agencies, Motor Sales shops and Car Services Centers that in United Arab Emirates. They will have privileges to post them shop information and details using our secure portal. REGISTER HERE!

User Account: This account can register in our app using normal registeration or connect using twitter account. privileges of this account are to favorite and rate the shops he likes and share it with the world :)

I have car accessories shop. Can I share it to Motorstalk?

Fortunately YES! you can Register Here and follow up the instructions. After Motorstalk approvel, you will get login to our portal to update your shop information anytime.

So, What's the difference between: Car Agency, Motor Sales and Service Providers accounts?

Car Agency

This type of account made for authorized car dealers in UAE such: Al-Masaood Automobiles and others. they will have the privileges to add them showroom information & service center and more.

Motor Sales

This account only for official motors selling shops such: Al Aweer car market and Motors world. They will be able to post the cars they have to attract the customers and increase them marketplace.

Service providers

This account for motor shops such: Mussafah shops. We catagories service providers into car: Performance, Fixing and Repair, Electricity, Wheels & Tires, Painting, Accessories and Washing & Cleaning shops.

Will I be able to modify my shop information?

YES! you will have permanent access to your shop information and edit it at anytime easily. Our portal is secure and ensure that no-one have authority to make changes in your account.

Ok, How much it cost for posting advertisement in Motors Talk App?

Cost depends on the duration of the advertisement to be avaliable and catagory.

Motors Service prices Motor sales

Describe Your App Best Features

Motors Talk took huge impact into other motor apps industry. It's the leading app in UAE that provides and covers everything related to cars with unique features.

win-win situation for Customers & Suppliers

All-in-one platform to view all type of car informations.

Save time and money

Portal for all the service accounts to enjoy flexibility by modifying them shops information

Collect all registered shops in United Arab Emirates to one large database.

2-Step Authentication

No More Admobs - No More popup Ads!

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You any questions?

Write to us a message. If you have question or any concerns of how to use our services, let us know and we will be glad to help and support!